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1.Convenient Can-opening: The electric can opener is easy to use, just press the button to open the can, and it will stop automatically after completing the task. It is suitable for all sizes of cans.
2.Innovative Technology: The electric can opener features the latest technology, and the can opener safely cuts the inside of the bottle cap, keeping the cap smooth and perfectly sealed at the edges, enabling you to save unfinished canned food.
3.Small Tip: The electric can opener requires 2 AA batteries (not included) for normal operation, please turn it off the power after use.
4.Durable and Safe: The electric can opener is made of durable, safe and sturdy ABS and alloy steel, and it is the abrasion-resistant accessory, and it features the safety grooves and sliding gears to help prevent accidental finger scratches.
5.Easy to Clean: There is no need to wash the product with water, the stains on the product can be removed by using a clean damp cloth.

Battery: 2 x AA Batteries
(Not Included)
size: 17x6.5cm  (6.69*2.56inch)
Tip: The product does not contain batteries, buyers need to buy 2 AA batteries and install them on their own

Trouble Shooting
1.During the operation, do not lift or forcibly remove the can opener. Forcible removal may damage the blade.
2.Please make sure that the battery is brand new, inferior batteries may not achieve the ideal cutting effect.
3.If the can is get stuck, please press the button on the top of the can opener.
4.Before removing the bottom cover, make sure that the motor has completely stopped.
5.The product does not contain batteries, buyers need to buy 2 AA batteries and install them on their own

1.This can opener will not stop automatically after opening the can after one turn, you need to manually press the switch to stop.
2.Dimensions may vary slightly due to manual measurements.



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